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Who is Valeo?

Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to CO2 emissions reduction and improved vehicle performance, as well as to the development of intuitive driving. In the aftermarket, Valeo Service supplies original equipment parts (OES) to automakers and replacement parts to the independent aftermarket (IAM). Valeo Service offers all aftermarket channels worldwide a wide range of products and services to help boost the efficiency of repair services and to provide greater safety, comfort, and driving pleasure to consumers.

Valeo (VLEL) 0155.1027

Position: Not Applicable

Note* there is a BMW Technical Service Bulletin # 17v-676 saying that the blower regulator must be replaced with a connector 61118714661 from 2005-2011 model 3 series.

Valeo (VLEL) 52151203

Position: Not Applicable

This is a single mass solid flywheel conversion kit that includes: Solid flywheel, Disc, Pressure plate, Release bearing, and bolts (14) cars already converted may use kit 52151204 if flywheel is not needed but already converted to Valeo single mass unit *This is only for w11 engines with 8 bolt crankshafts (r53/r50 built before 10/2006) Valeo

Valeo (VLEL) 44683

Position: Front Right

For cars with Bi-xenon and without curve lighting package Valeo OEM

Valeo (VLEL) 44709

Position: Front Right

Only for cars with out adaptive lights (for cars with code 8EH) Valeo Electric

Valeo (VLEL) 088899

Position: Front

Valeo Electric

Valeo (VLEL) 890019

Position: Front Inner

Valeo (VLEL) 44812

Position: Front Right

Only for cars with standard halogen light package Valeo Electric

Valeo (VLEL) 832228

Position: Not Applicable


Valeo (VLEL) 832226

Position: Not Applicable

235mm diameter with dual camshafts Valeo

Valeo (VLEL) 44701

Position: Front Right

This OEM Valeo unit comes with a mounting bracket

Valeo (VLEL) 44797

Position: Front Left

This headlight does not Say BMW under the lens as the BMW genuine.

Valeo (VLEL) 44798

Position: Front Right

This light does not say "BMW" under the lens like the Genuine does.

Valeo (VLEL) 44685

Position: Front Right

For cars with pr codes 8EH + 8Q5 or 8K4 (curve lighting) and does not include bulbs or control units OEM Valeo

Valeo (VLEL) 438272

Position: Not Applicable

New Starter 1.2kw, can use Lucas 12412354701 (1.3kw)

Core Price: $50.00

Valeo (VLEL) 44711

Position: Front Right

Valeo Electric

Valeo (VLEL) 439609

Position: Not Applicable

Note -This unit is new OEM but there is a core charge. Warning! This unit is known to fail due to coolant leaking onto back of alternator and shorting out the unit. There is no warranty coverage in this case. The original cause must be repaired before installation.

Core Price: $70.00

Valeo (VLEL) 46830

Position: Front Left

Headlight A3 2017 Left

Valeo (VLEL) 46652

Position: Left

Only for X1 with Halogen light option 07/2012 prod date thru 2015 Valeo Electric

Valeo (VLEL) 46998

Position: Front Right

Valeo Electric

Valeo (VLEL) 46732

Position: Front Left

Valeo - This OEM light does not include proprietary BMW markings/logos