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Victor Reinz Sealing Compound Sealant Silicon D-176-404-A2 70-31414-10

Brand: Victor Reinz

Supplier Number: 70-31414-10

Quantity Available: 27

Position: Not Applicable

Description: Reinzosil sealnt

Description 2: 70-31414-10 SEALANT COMPOUND

Notes: Sealing Compound - REINZOSIL (70 ml Tube)nt sealing flange For engine oil pan, upper or lower, and front sealing flange. Resistant to mineral and synthetic oils, gasoline, diesel, lubricants, greases, sunlight, ozone, water, and seawater. Temperature Range: -50 deg. C to +250 deg. C (briefly to +300 deg. C) (Anthracite Colored)

List Price: $27.50

Online Price: $8.28

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