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Shop Supplies Bulk Hose Fuel

COHLINE (COHL) 605.078.05.81

Position: Not Applicable

sold by the meter 3.2x7mm od cloth braided Diesel return hose This version is a black hose, and is compatible with PME (RME) diesel fuels and E10 flexible fuels. Temperature range: E10 fuel -30 deg. C to +50 deg. C, PME (RME) fuel -30 deg. C to +65 deg. C.
See Alternate Part: CRP 6050780581 Fuel Hose

CRP (REIN) N203551-5

Position: Not Applicable

Fuel Hose 5mm id braided - 5 meter roll

CRP (REIN) N203535-5

Position: Not Applicable

black cloth braided hose with yellow stripe 3.5mm id sold in a 5meter roll

CRP (REIN) 1234763026-1-EC

Position: Not Applicable

14mm i.d. sold per meter

CRP (REIN) 16121176440-5-EC

Position: Not Applicable

this brand is not externally braided and is sold in 5 meter rolls Fuel Hose 12mm id

CRP (REIN) 13311272750-1

Position: Not Applicable

sold per meter
See Alternate Part: COHLINE 13311272750 Hose / Bulk

CRP (REIN) 13311722565

Position: Not Applicable

CRP / Rein

CRP (REIN) N 20 375 1

Position: Not Applicable

HOSE 4.5mm X 2.5MM Green Fuel

CRP (REIN) 1149971882-EC-1

Position: Not Applicable

Fuel Hose 7.5mm id - sold by the meter
This part is out of stock