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Dynamic Friction Company
Dynamic Friction Company (DFC) is a manufacturer of high quality brake products including: brake pads, brake shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, sensors, and more. Their product isn't just exceptional quality, it will look great on your car too!

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    All European Auto Supply would like to inform you of an upcoming training opportunity in the Metro Detroit area. Interested in boosting your knowledge of 8-speed transmissions? Consider this upcoming training class from an ASE Certified Trainer from ZF Aftermarket.
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    Problems and Solutions for Everyday Work on the ZF 8HP

    This training will take a look at the common problems that technicians encounter everyday in their daily work on the ZF 8HP transmission. ZF Technical Trainer will provide solutions and tips to aid technicians on the daily.

    Date: July 11, 2020
    Location: Northville, MI


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  • Tips for Avoiding Brake Problems

    The following are some tips and instructions taken from various brake engineers, manufacturers, and installers over the years to help avoid any issues with brakes. For a free guide to prevent and diagnose brake problems just ask a counterman.

    The 5 Easiest Ways to Avoid Brake Pulsation:

    1. Clean the hub and rotor mating surfaces until spotless
    2. Use torque wrench by hand to vehicle spec
    3. ALWAYS lube brake pad backing plates, ears, slides, and springs with Plastilube (never use metallic anti-seize on abs cars)
    4. Always “bed” the pads according to pad specs during your test drive
    5. Instruct the daily driver to avoid excessive braking for first 500 miles.

    How should I “treat” the pads before installing?

    To prevent squealing always lubricate the brake pads backing plate, piston crown, tabs, ears, slides, springs and any metal to metal surface (except friction surfaces) with Plastilube. Do not use anti-seize on cars with abs.

    Why should I “Bed or Break in” every brake job?

    “Brake pad transfer” is the exchange of glue/binding agents in the friction material which can, when heated and left in contact with the rotor, leave enough deposit to feel like warped rotors. Truly warped rotors are extremely rare. The transfer of binding agents will leave a thick spot on the rotor which feels like warped rotors.

    “Bedding” pads by performing specific braking maneuvers is just as important as cleaning the rotor to hub mating surfaces to prevent pulsating rotors and squealing pads.

    What is the proper bedding procedure?

    If you don’t have factory info from the vehicle manufacturer, we recommend following the procedure from Ate as a generally accepted policy. See below—

    1. Apply light pressure to brakes at approximately 60 mph while slowing to 30 mph ten times. Then allow to cool for 2 minutes driving constant speeds.
    2. Next, apply light pressure to slow from 60 mph to 10 mph five more times. Let cool for 2 minutes.
    3. Repeat Step 1. Then allow to cool before coming to complete stop (Try not to come to complete stop if possible or material transfer may occur which is the main cause for pulsating brakes).

    Ate recommends brake pad bedding procedure while safely following all traffic laws.

    The proper 10-minute test drive can save you from doing the brakes twice.

  • Interested in Learning Online?

    Webinars are a great way to learn valuable information without being in a classroom. ZF offers 1-hour lessons on their systems and products; hosted by ASE Certified ZF Trainers. Click the link below to view their schedule. Register today!


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